President Bachelet of Chile inaugurates water humanitarian campaign

On December 29th we were honored to be joined by President Michelle Bachelet of Chile at the launch of our first community-level water installation at a children’s health and education center in Peñaflor, Chile.  We are deeply grateful to the President for her generosity, support, and commitment to innovation.  Thank you also to Chile’s Ministry of Social Development, AVINA Foundation, and IADB-FOMIN for supporting our efforts from the beginning.  

In the coming months, we’ll be working closely with governments and foundations around the world to provide safe drinking water to at-risk communities.  As our CEO Alfredo Zolezzi said, “even a small country like Chile can create the type of change that will save and improve millions of lives globally. Our work is not just for Chileans, it is from Chile to the rest of the world: together, we can solve the most difficult problems we face.”

This installation is the first of many to come, first in Chile, and then around Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Tarun Wadhwa