Co-facilitating 'Exponential Innovation Workshop' series


It used to be that businesses could see their competition coming and anticipate the threats.  

Clayton Christensen, with his theory of “disruptive innovation”, taught us that a new entrant attacked a market leader by launching low-end, low-priced products and then relentlessly improving them.  Now, Christensen’s frameworks have themselves been disrupted. The entrants come from different industries and attack the core business models of leading companies. In the same way that Netflix decimated the video- rental industry and Airbnb is challenging hotels, new business approaches and technological advances will disrupt practically every industry.

To help companies understand this, I have co-created the Exponential Innovation Workshop. It’s a series of lectures and working groups for business executives on the new paradigms of innovation and competitiveness. It walks them through the biggest changes ahead and shows them how to thrive in today’s era of rapid technological change.  The purpose is to learn to watch for and gain from convergence, and to think like the startups that are gunning for the old market leaders.  

Events are scheduled with select groups in Australia, France, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa, with more to come.

Tarun Wadhwa