Tarun Wadhwa


The exponential pace of technology is upending industries around the world – and it’s just getting started.  From AI, robotics, 3d printing, to synthetic biology and quantum computing – there is massive change coming, and corporations and governments are unprepared.  In this workshop, Vivek and Tarun Wadhwa teach leaders of the world how to not only prepare for these disruptions, but turn them into opportunity.

For nearly a decade they have pioneered new models of innovation and competitiveness on an international scale.  Their lectures and corporate workshops are the result of that – and they have used those lessons to help Fortune 500 companies and major institutions develop cutting-edge innovations and rethink their practices.

In their one and two day sessions, they will cover the fundamentals of exponential technologies, where and how disruption is occurring, and how to prepare for the changes ahead.  They have helped thousands of participants around the world to watch for convergences, anticipate threats, and become the leaders of this new industrial revolution.

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