Presenting "The New Economics of Identity" At Center For Global Enterprise Webinar


Thank you to Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Ira Sanger, and The Center For Global Enterprise for inviting me to take part in their “Identity in a Digital World” Expert Connect Forum. In my talk, I explained why although I am sympathetic to the idea that we should own our data, it’s nowhere near enough to get us to where we want to go. Instead, what we need is to build an entire ecosystem of rights, tools, and systems.

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Your attributes, preferences, and behaviors online have fueled the rise of a multitrillion-dollar industry that has changed the way business fundamentally works. The online and offline worlds are merging, with your identity viewed as a valuable asset at the center – and we are only at the start of knowing what sort of profound changes that will lead to. The social network, data broker, and the way we exchange information are all about to undergo massive changes.

In this Expert Connect webinar, Tarun Wadhwa, founder of Day One Insights, a strategy and advisory firm, will discuss the future of the personal data collection, storage, and analysis industry. He will present a critical analysis of the concept of data ownership, explore what sorts of tools and institutions we need to move this field forward, and discuss the alternative futures that lie ahead if we can manage to advance our architecture and means of proving our identities.

Tarun Wadhwa