AIC Chile announces partnership with major water services company

This morning we finalized a deal that will lead to a strategic partnership with one of Mexico’s largest water companies, and we couldn’t be more excited.

It was almost three years ago that I first arrived in Chile to explore the possibility of working with Alfredo Zolezzi and his team of brilliant engineers, scientists, and designers in Viña Del Mar. He had created a breakthrough technology capable of eliminating 100% of bacteria and viruses from drinking water and needed help commercializing it.

I was blown away not just by how well it worked, but also by the vision behind it. This was designed for the slums, not for the corporate world, yet it could be transformative in dozens of industries nonetheless. I dropped everything I was working on to join this company and help it go from the lab to the real world. We've now accomplished that; and today, we take the next step.

With this partnership we will have the resources, infrastructure, and support of an amazing company, and our technology is now in a position to reach the people that need it most. It's been an incredible journey - I'm so proud of my co-founders, our team, and our fantastic investors for getting us to this point.

Tarun Wadhwa